"Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakens." - Carl Jung

What They Say

Jen is fantastic! She has a true passion for her work and is completely present and engaged in every coaching session. This is exemplified by her strong memory and active listening skills, which was really helpful when she recalled past events. This helped me process through current situations and identify solid solutions. She helped me navigate potential issues that can occur from working in a fast-paced environment. Without Jen’s guidance, I don’t think I would have handled those issues as well as I did. This was especially helpful when I transitioned to a senior leadership role where I was in charge of building out a department in a short amount of time with the majority of department staff members coming from outside the company. She is extremely trustworthy and truly cares. It is easy to discuss anything with her despite how uncomfortable or embarrassing it may be for you to bring up. Ultimately, Jen wants you to be the best version of yourself. She will do everything she can to help you get there. Thank you Jen for being such a positive influence in my life. I highly recommend Jen to anyone looking for a coach!
Chief of Staff, Healthcare
Jen has helped me to improve my ability to connect with and influence people in powerful positions. She quickly establishes an environment of trust by listening patiently and asking questions to understand, both intellectually and emotionally. She helps me think through any assumptions I hold or am making about a present or past situation. Her coaching style allows me to maintain focus on my approach and mindset to calmly but persistently influence and builds trust. I will always be grateful for the guidance that she has provided me in my career.
Executive Coach and Learning Professional
There are not many people who I feel comfortable expressing my thoughts and perceived shortcomings too. However, I was referred to Jennifer Sanders who made it welcoming and safe to express myself. She was judgment free. I was able to open up and discover what was really holding me back from my talents and potential. I was able to understand that I could flourish my talents to supplement my life. She helped me see that I don’t need to sacrifice my passion because of everyday responsibilities.

Specifically, one of the areas I focused on with Jen was working with my art. I struggled for years to figure out how to balance my passion for art with the demands of my occupation. In addition, I did not want to compromise my family life. I have learned how to incorporate my love for art into my busy lifestyle. I discovered that being an artist is a part of who I am and that I must make time for it in order to be effective at work. Since working with Jen, I have successfully created and delivered 4 pieces of art. I am proud to share that my last piece was hung in a very special place in an art gallery. This would not have been possible without working with Jen. I updated my perspective. I am thankful to have a great coach to help me grow personally and professionally.
Coaching with Jennifer Sanders enabled me to regain my confidence and find joy in my life. Prior to coaching, I was extremely unhappy with many aspects of my life. I was in a demanding job and then I was diagnosed with a life threatening illness. Jen’s coaching style, which includes powerful questioning, perspective exploration, and other coaching tools, helped me step into my personal power and choice. I now have a job that I love. My job has very little stress and my relationships are strong. Best of all, my health is back. Today, I am confident in my leadership capability. I have been rewarded with new career opportunities and success.
RPA Designer, Banking Industry
When I saw Jen’s website, I immediately realized this was what I needed. It lit a spark in me! I was struggling to figure out the next stage in my life and had become stuck, frozen and unable to move forward. I was looking for my purpose. I knew I had so much more to give, create and experience but didn’t know how to get there. Jen’s coaching helped me look inside, face old wounds and beliefs, feel them and release them. Jen stood beside me through healing difficult and painful traumas and situations. It was amazing! Jen’s guidance throughout each and every coaching session was professional, experienced and spot on. I am now attending The Pursuit of Balance program where I am learning skills to change my behavior patterns, my thoughts, and handle stressors.
Jennifer has strong leadership savvy. She has the ability to teach the art of influence and helps one improve their negotiating skills when working with top executives and peers. She coached me through several leadership challenges with regional leaders. Her ability to listen to both sides of the problem, ask curious questions to draw out perspectives and solutions was priceless. Her coaching skills enable dialogue and aids in the removal of communication barriers. This resulted in reestablishing and restoring trust for both parties. This helped both sides move forward to a positive outcome. In addition, Jen has a proven track record as a “change agent” and “innovator”. She has the ability to exercise strategic vision and demonstrates solid business judgment. She can help anyone in business improve. Throughout our working career, I have witnessed Jen demonstrate strong leadership and business acumen. She also applied winning leadership strategies.
Jennifer provided consulting and coaching support to me and our VP of HR. Jennifer worked closely with us to define our strategy and roadmap for establishing an internal university. She also helped with our leadership development program. In the process, she listened, asked probing questions, and helped us to identify the organization’s needs. Jennifer’s understanding of business and leadership roles enabled her to provide unique insight. Her questions expanded our perspectives and resulted in our ability to move forward with actionable plans. Jennifer has helped us greatly advance progress towards not only establishing our CPLC University but laying the foundation for CPLC’s future growth. Jennifer is the full package: a strong coach, knowledgeable business-person, seasoned leader and cutting-edge strategist
Jennifer’s approach to leadership development sets a baseline for performance and then sets the bar high for people to take ownership of their own path, both doing their current role better and preparing for the future. This is where Jen’s personal coaching skills are so powerful as she sees the whole person – body, mind, heart, and spirit.

Jen is able to support an individual or a team to evaluate and make impactful decisions that empower many aspects of their life and work team. Jennifer has high character; is courageous and thoughtful in the messages she delivers. She passionately cares about those she serves. Be sure to add Jennifer to your list of ‘must connect with influencers’ – your life will be changed
I’ve had the great pleasure of working with Jennifer in multiple capacities. As coach, she brings heart, expertise, and courage in her commitment to make a difference for her clients. She has a unique ability to support clients to get clear about what they would like to produce and identify the roadblocks that we invariably put in our own way that keeps us from our ideal results. As facilitator and group coach, she blends a wonderful combination of subject matter expertise and skill at leading people. She possesses the rare gift of surfacing difficult conversations that get in the way of optimal team performance artfully, while leading others to create more successful communication. I highly recommend Jennifer to support your coaching and facilitation needs!
I recently reached out to Jen for coaching. I do not exaggerate when I say that Jen is the epitome of a caring and effective coach. In the coaching, I experienced what it feels like to have someone actively and genuinely listen to my goals and concerns. Jen coached me to see new perspectives and helped me get clear on where I needed to focus my efforts, whether improving in my desired skillset or goal identification. I felt empowered along the way and learned techniques to support myself. The coaching provided a structure for completing action items. I knew of Jen’s work ethic from when we worked together. She takes pride in each assignment she has and because of this, Jen is the perfect coach for my needs. I truly feel that she is 100% present to hear and empower me at each session. I never feel rushed or judged when developing areas that I need help with. Jen is helping me to become a better version of myself by her leadership, genuine caring, and coaching.
My first coaching experience ever was with Jennifer Sanders and when we started I wasn’t sure what to expect. From the start of our first conversation it was clear to me that Jennifer had an authentic drive to help me. Her questions provoked me to apply deep thought, self reflection and an objective point of view. Jennifer’s coaching helped me to confront my reality and chart a path forward. Ultimately, Jennifer was instrumental in helping me to reveal my true motives, aspirations and purpose. When I began coaching with Jennifer, I remember feeling lost and indecisive about my direction going forward. When our coaching journey came to an end, I felt empowered with a rejuvenated spirit. I had rediscovered my zeal and once again I had unbridled eagerness to take the next steps in my life.
I am currently attending The Pursuit of Balance program where I am learning skills to change my behavior patterns, my thoughts, and handle stressors. Even though it has just started, I now feel a higher level of peace, light and joy in my life. My focus is no longer on the old. I am now creating a new, positive life, with a new authentic me leading the way. Jen is our instructor. She provides support beyond the classes, including specific resources that complimented what we were working on. This is opening up a new world for me. Jen is very special in her profession, her true calling.
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