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Focused on Leading with Heart

When people connect to their heart and bring their heart into their leadership they become courageous leaders who are able to lead, inspire, and empower others. This is a Heart Inspired Leader!

Heart Inspired Leaders are aligned to their purpose, connected to their values and committed to making an impact, through their work, relationships and daily interactions.

We know that leaders who show up courageously, allowing their heart and mind to connect and work together, create an environment of openness, creativity and innovation.  This is a powerful combination in the workplace, home, and community.  At work, employees are inspired, challenged and engaged, resulting in strong performance.  At home and in the community, relationships are fostered through strong communication and connection.  Family members feel supported, loved and valued.

Becoming a Heart Inspired Leader requires self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationships management (Emotional Intelligence).

I partner with clients committed to leadership growth through discovery, learning about themselves and a willingness to explore the connection between Heart, Mind, Body and Spirit. Together we co-create action plans focused on increasing self-awareness, expanding leadership capability in decision making, business knowledge, communication, relationships building, leading with courage and demonstrating effectiveness. You can expect to experience professional and personal transformation.

Whether leading large or small organizations, a team or just yourself, you will encounter impactful and engaging coaching.

Pursuit of Balance Lifestyle Program is a competency and evidenced-based Wellness Lifestyle Program.

Imagine feeling peace in your body + mind + spirit regardless of what’s going on in your life. Imagine you have the skills to shift your limiting beliefs and perspective in order to feel free. The Pursuit of Balance foundation empowers one to confidently be present in their lives living with intention, connection, joy, compassion, peace and resilience.

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Coaching Packages

Executive & Leadership

Business requires adaptable, resilient, innovative and courageous leaders.

One-on-one coaching for Business Leaders

Professional and Personal Growth

  • Gain access to the wisdom of your entire “Intelligence System”: Heart, Body and Mind.

  • Envision &  become the leader you desire to be

  • Increase your confidence and adaptability

  • Increase your credibility and business results

  • Inspire and develop others to greatness

  • Witness the positive impact you are making on others

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Personal / Life Coaching 

Own your special gifts, passion and purpose.

One-on-one coaching for Individuals

Experience Personal Growth and Happiness

  • Personal Transformation and Expansion

  • Increase confidence in self & emotional intelligence

  • Fulfillment and aliveness – living personal purpose and loving it

  • Professional growth and effectiveness

  • Personal Empowerment and Choice

  • Witness the positive impact you are making in the world

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Empowered Choice

Create the Life you Want by Focusing on YOU! Make an Empowered Choice

Four One-On-One Coaching session for Individuals

Discover, Declare and Choose what you want

  • Identify what you want to create

  • Gain clarity about what is stopping you

  • Uncover resources and celebrate your skills

  • Learn how to listen and trust your heart’s guidance

  • Declare action steps

  • Make an Empowered Choice

  • Create the New Experience!

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Additional Services

Team Coaching, Team Building, Workshops, Analysis and More…

Jennifer is an excellent facilitator, trainer, and performance consultant. She specializes in coaching leaders, teams and individuals, facilitating workshops, brainstorming, visioning and strategy planning.

All additional services are customized to meet your business goals. Contact Jennifer to discuss your needs. Learn More ›

“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakens.” – Carl Jung