Executive & Leadership Coaching

Whether leading large or small organizations, a team or yourself, you will encounter impactful and engaging coaching.

Leaders who show up courageously, allow their heart and mind to connect and work together, create an environment of openness, creativity, and innovation.

This powerful combination in the workplace and community results in inspired, challenged, and engaged employees, as well as overall happier humans.

Heart Inspired Leaders bring authenticity, caring, empathy and compassion into their working relationships, decisions, and daily activities. Studies support that when leaders demonstrate these traits, they are more effective in all aspects of their work and life. They can motivate, inspire, and empower others.

Heart Inspired Leaders are aligned to their purpose, connected to their values, and committed to making an impact, through their actions, decisions, and relationships.

I partner with executives, mid-level and emerging leaders wanting to grow their leadership. As a result of coaching, leaders have increased their credibility, confidence, courage, emotional intelligence, and relationship building skills. Their team’s demonstrate higher levels of performance. Leaders are more comfortable moving between operational and strategic responsibilities. The individual comes to appreciate that they are a “whole-person” and deserve greater fulfillment in all areas of their life.

Executive & Leadership Package 


  • Ten (10) One-on-One Coaching Sessions
  • 60 minutes in length
  • Email and text messaging support between sessions

The Heart Inspired Leader Coaching package supports clients to increase their confidence, expand self-awareness, effectively lead self and others through change, create strong working relationships, increase influence, and take bold steps to reach professional and personal goals.

Together we co-create action plans focused on your professional and personal goals. You, as the client, are in the driver’s seat, growing your leadership skills through personal inquiry, exploration, practice and accountability.

“The heart rules. Vulnerability is a strength for radically human leaders to connect with others—authentically and with empathy. Sure, we need to use our brains—with ideas, strategies, and analytics that are increasingly the table stakes of leadership. And we need guts—better known as courage — especially to make sure that we’re aligned with our values. But the heart matters most. Our words and actions must signal to others that we really do care enough to notice—to see them for who they really are.”

Gary Burnison,
CEO of Korn Ferry and the author of Leadership U: Accelerating Through the Crisis Curve.


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