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My Mission is to be a catalyst for others on their journey of leadership growth, starting with self and then how they lead others. To achieve this mission, in 2019, I boldly stepped forward into my own self-leadership by choosing to live my calling, my passion.

My many years of working in corporate leadership afforded me the opportunity to work across business functions with diverse leaders and teams. As a result, I was able to work with great people, cultivate my understanding of business concepts, business challenges, thought leadership, innovation, strategy development, strategy execution, and organization, team and individual dynamics.

I am fascinated by organizational and societal culture, norms, and how people come to interact in creation of culture and social systems. This interest was fueled during my graduates studies when I was introduced to Dr. Edgar Schein, Ph D, a pioneer and professor of Organizational Culture (learn more about Dr. Schein at http://www.scheinocli.org). Because of this curiosity and my deep ability to sense and see deeply into interactions and human dynamics, I became a student of professional and community surroundings. What I witnessed was many thriving businesses and individuals.  What I felt was, many people struggling with inner conflict and a sense of something missing. As I observed and people expressed what was going on for them, I heard hearts longing for more, longing to be a part of something greater, something that would achieve social impact and create strong human connection.

For me, the yearning of my heart was constant. I felt restless, frustrated, and often a deep sadness. I knew I was not stepping forward into what was true for me, where I was meant to place my energy and effort. My heart and body screamed for my attention. I experienced moments of unhappiness, doubt and disconnection. I came to realize this was due to denying my life’s purpose. It was taking a toll on my health. My body was speaking to me in the form of pain and inflammation, insomnia, anxiety, and frequent colds.

I thought I was managing everything. Hiding my true feelings and inner challenges from others by putting on a happy face and staying focused on external goals. This was until a friend and colleague asked to speak to me. He shared he was worried about me and couldn’t continue to not speak up. He was concerned I was burning myself out and on the road to a serious illness.  He told me, “It’s time to go inward, listen and make some changes”.

He asked me, “What does your heart say”?

My friend’s words caused me to recognize that I was not operating authentically and in alignment with my values. My Heart, Body, Mind and Spirit was in need of my attention. I needed to get back to what was real and important to me.  I had to empower myself and choose to LEAD from a place of authenticity by listening to my heart. Until I did this, I could not empower, inspire and effectively lead others.

For support and accountability, I worked with a coach to become clear about what was next and how I would step boldly forward. I was being called forward to return to myself and my deepest values.

What is glorious about my journey, which started with concentrated effort in 2013, is that I have worked with a few coaches along the way, each coach witnessing and supporting me through their unique expertise. Each meeting me where I was along my path. Working with each of them has enabled tremendous transformation. I have grown in my spirituality, confidence, career, happiness and balance. For each of them, I am beyond grateful!

My work is to be a catalyst for others on their journey to leadership growth, starting with self and then how they lead others. I work with all types of people, in all types of professions and life roles. My business background and education enables me to provide business leaders with powerful coaching AND we are ALL LEADERS, as we are first and foremost, leaders of ourselves. The ideal client is someone wishing to expand, grow and lead with an open heart.

I partner with my clients to refuel and become connected to their heart.

“I stand by you as you navigate your path to return to your most authentic, empowered self, from here, you lead from your heart: igniting passion, purpose and an unstoppable life force within yourself and others.” ~ Jennifer Sanders

I would love to partner with you to expand and transform your leadership and life.

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Jen’s Formal Education and Certifications

You will find that I am a passionate, seasoned leader, and accredited Coach and Life Strategist. I am able to coach individuals in their expansion to be strong, passionate and effective leaders in all aspects of their life; personal and professional. I have the following formal education, certifications and partnerships:

  • Masters in Strategic Communication and Leadership (MASCL) from Seton Hall University
  • A Bachelors in Management from University of Phoenix
  • Certified Coach from International Coaches Federation (ICF)
  • Certified CPCC from Coaches Training Institute
  • In Certification Program with Kendra Goheen, Pursuit of Balance
  • Executive/Leadership Coach with Robert Gregory Partners a Franklin Covey Company
  • Arizona Women’s Leadership Forum Mentor/Coach
  • ICF Phoenix Chapter Volunteer

My coaching practice is based in Scottsdale, AZ, where I am often found enjoying morning walks, desert hikes, meditation, writing, reading, visiting museum and going on other artist dates. I love to create community through hosting circle events, topics span leadership, personal empowerment, meditation and mindfulness.

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