Personal & Life Strategy Coaching

My Mission is to be a catalyst for others on their journey of leadership growth, starting with self and then how they lead others.

Jennifer Sanders Coaching partners with individuals wishing to grow their personal leadership skills and connect  to their purpose and passion!

As an outcome of Heart Inspired Leader Personal & Life Strategy Coaching, you will gain confidence in yourself. This confidence will enable you to consistently lead your life with a strong sense of purpose, empowerment, and choice.

You will learn to tap into your intuition (heart messages) and increase trust in yourself to be the leader of your life.  Together, we co-create the coaching journey, with you identifying what you wish to focus on within your life. You are in the driver’s seat!

Let’s grow your leadership skills and confidence through personal inquiry, exploration, practice, and accountability.

Imagine living the life you want to live and feeling a sense of peace, balance, and fulfillment. You can have this life!

Personal & Life Strategy Package 


  • Ten (10) One-on-One Coaching Sessions
  • 60 minutes in length
  • Email and text messaging support between sessions
  • Personal Empowerment Circle Meetings

Experience Personal Growth and Happiness through:

  • Personal Transformation and Expansion
  • Increase confidence in self & emotional intelligence
  • Fulfillment and Aliveness: living your purpose and loving it
  • Professional growth and effectiveness
  • Personal Empowerment and Choice
  • Witness your positive impact on the world
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