The Pursuit of Balance (POB) Program, created by transformational leadership coach and spiritual director, Kendra Goheen, is the first competency and evidence-based wellness lifestyle program. Using the best of neuroscience and behavioral science the creator/founder has created a powerful and practical brain-based approach to shift limiting beliefs and perspectives. The program teaches how to reframe thoughts and empowers one to live with resilience and confidence. The POB Lifestyle can assist learners to create an authentic life even in the midst of challenges and obstacles. The result is a balanced life that is lived with intention, connection, joy, compassion, and peace.

The 18 lesson comprehensive small group program is delivered over 4-5 months. The length of the program is based on scientific research established to create new habits. The program focuses on the individual’s needs first. The tools address the whole person – psychologically, physically, and spiritually.

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Creating Balance

I am currently attending The Pursuit of Balance program where I am learning skills to change my behavior patterns, my thoughts, and handle stressors. Even though it has just started, I now feel a higher level of peace, light and joy in my life. My focus is no longer on the old. I am now creating a new, positive life, with a new authentic me leading the way. Jen is our instructor. She provides support beyond the classes, including specific resources that complimented what we were working on. This is opening up a new world for me. Jen is very special in her profession, her true calling.