Pursuit of Balance

The Pursuit of Balance (POB) Program is the first competency and evidence-based wellness lifestyle program.

Welcome to Pursuit of Balance!  I am Jennifer Sanders, a Pursuit of Balance Life Strategy Coach.

I love sharing this program with anyone looking for personal growth and wanting to actively transform their life.

For me, Pursuit of Balance came at the perfect time. I had taken a big leap deciding to leave my known career and long-standing work family to focus on building a coaching practice committed to supporting individuals to live and lead from their heart.

While excited about this next stage of my life, I was also grieving what I was leaving behind. Life is full of endings and beginnings. Changes that bring forward joys and heartache. I threw myself into a significant change cycle and adjustment with my decision to follow my heart.

I had dedicated myself to my work and had spent years working with my co-workers. They were truly my extended family. I also found my value through my work. My value came from receiving acknowledgement and feedback from others via a regular paycheck. I also measured my value by completing the to-do list, receiving kudos and performance feedback, striving for and reaching advancement, and project completions.

Part of this journey, I knew, was to continue to expand my understanding of myself, expand my sense of self-worth and let go of limiting-beliefs. To be able to measure my value in new ways.

I believe Kendra Goheen and I were brought together by Divine intervention. I had made an inquiry on a Co-Active Coaching Forum and Kendra replied. She had never, in over 15 years, responded to a posting on this forum. I immediately reached out to her, as I was curious how she created a successful coaching practice as a Coach and Spiritual Director. This was the start of our work together.

I gained a greater sense of self (self-worth, self-esteem, and self-love), insight into myself, trust and faith in life, through working with Kendra and attending the Pursuit of Balance Program. I learned ways to manage my anxiety as I stepped forward to launch my coaching business. I learned ways to believe in myself and acknowledge my value and gifts. I became empowered and increased my ability to use my voice and authenticity.

Feeling and seeing the impact on my life, I decided to become certified to teach and coach Pursuit of Balance.

The Pursuit of Balance (POB) Program is the first competency and evidence-based wellness lifestyle program. Using the best of neuroscience and behavioral science, Kendra has created a powerful and practical brain-based approach to shift limiting beliefs and perspectives. The program teaches how to reframe thoughts and empowers one to live with resilience and confidence. The result is a balanced life that is lived with intention, connection, joy, compassion, and peace.

I would love to talk with you about Pursuit of Balance and welcome you into an upcoming class if you decide to attend.


What They Say

I am currently attending The Pursuit of Balance program where I am learning skills to change my behavior patterns, my thoughts, and handle stressors. Even though it has just started, I now feel a higher level of peace, light and joy in my life. My focus is no longer on the old. I am now creating a new, positive life, with a new authentic me leading the way. Jen is our instructor. She provides support beyond the classes, including specific resources that complimented what we were working on. This is opening up a new world for me. Jen is very special in her profession, her true calling.
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