My Coaching Philosophy

In today’s world, coaching as a profession and offering is becoming mainstream in business, government, non-profit organizations, education/schools and homes.

When I selected my coaching program, I chose The Coaches Training Institute (now the Co-Active Training Institute). I was drawn to the Co-Active model for its focus on the Client’s BEing (Co) and their committed participation in their growth and transformation (Active).

In Co-Active Coaching, clients experience growth, discovery and transformation. I create space and demonstrate a deep appreciation for the client’s creativity, resilience and inner knowing. The client moves into action by actively practicing and integrating what they have discovered, through choice, action and commitment.

From me, the client experiences deep listening, curiosity, intuition, a deepening of insight and prompting to forward action, all in service to the client’s transformation.

My coaching approach is grounded in the Four Cornerstones of the Co-Active Model: 1) people are Naturally Creative, Resourceful and Whole, 2) coaching requires Dancing in the Moment, a 3) Focus on the Whole Person, and 4) Evoking Transformation.

Leadership development goes beyond problem solving, fixing, improving performance and goal setting. Through coaching, you, as leader, will experience expanded awareness that supports all aspects of your work and life. You will gain a greater sense of personal empowerment and confidence.

Coaching is not therapy or consulting. In coaching we explore beliefs, perspectives, what is getting in your way, your purpose, your values, how you communicate and your leadership style. Throughout our coaching, I will be the catalyst for you to gain insights and take empowered action. My purpose is not to advise or choose for you. You are in the driver’s seat as we focus on your desired goals and intentions.

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Coaching with Jennifer requires your commitment to learning, growth and taking transformative action steps. Here is a list of a few results you can expect:

Personal Expansion

  • Gain access to the wisdom of your entire “Intelligence System”: Heart, Body and Mind
  • Uncover your true passion and purpose
  • Step powerfully into your authentic self
  • Lead and empower yourself
  • Improve relationships and communication

Professional Growth

  • Become the leader you desire to be
  • Increase your confidence as a leader
  • Increased credibility, achievement and business results
  • Inspire and develop others to greatness
  • Witness the positive impact you are having

Executive/Leadership Coaching

Today’s business environment requires adaptability, resilience, and equanimity.  Coaching provides leaders with concentrated time to focus on their ability to meet today’s business challenges and professional development.

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Personal / Life

As an outcome of the Heart Inspired Leader Personal / Life Strategy Coaching  you will gain confidence in yourself. This confidence will enable you to consistently lead your life from a strong sense of purpose, empowerment and choice.

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The events of 2020 has ushered in change and contemplation. The Empowered Choice package is for anyone wanting a four week coaching engagement focused on coaching support to determine “What Now or What’s Next”.

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“To help others develop, start with yourself.”–Marshal Goldsmith