Blind Spots


Shine A Light On Blind Spots We all have blind spots, things we don’t know about ourselves. As this topic popped into my head, I was reminded of the JoHari Window. The JoHari Window is a communication model identified in 1955 by Joseph Luft and ...

Blind Spots2020-11-24T20:12:45-07:00

Discovering the Unknown


Comfort Zones keep us from learning about ourselves!   When I began working with my coach, I learned quickly that my Comfort Zone was in the driver’s seat of my life. I recognized a restlessness and dissatisfaction with my life yet, I was stuck because ...

Discovering the Unknown2020-11-24T20:16:54-07:00

Window to Openness


Who are you the most open and free with? Truly authentic and comfortable having the person see you for all that you are? As I consider this for myself, I am surprised by the answer. I realize it starts with self. I must be open ...

Window to Openness2020-11-24T20:23:08-07:00
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